Lord Hanuman the Temple and its Divine Prasad

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Sankat Mochan, one of the revered temples of the Hindus is situated in Varanasi, by the Assi River. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. He is believed to be the reliever of the troubles. On Hanuman Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Hanuman, also known as ‘PavanPutra’ a special shobha yatra, is carried out starting from Durgakund adjacent to the ancient Durga Temple to Sankat Mochan.

Offerings to Lord Hanuman, also known as Sankat Mochan Prasad are sold to the devotees. ‘Besan Ke Laddu’ is given in the form of Prasad, which is the most loved by Lord Hanuman.


The devotees consider Sankat Mochan Temple Prasad very auspicious. They presume it to be the blessing of Lord Hanuman straight from the heaven. Therefore, before consuming the Prasad the devotees pay respect and then eat the Prasad, making sure not a single grain of ‘Anna’ struck the ground.


Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman

• When Ahiravan kept Lord Ram and Lakshman in captivity, Hanuman was determined to save his Lord but in order to kill Ahiravan he needed to eclipse five lamps in five different directions. Therefore, Hanuman adopted the panch-mukhi form to achieve this and defeated Ahiravan.
• During Hanuman’s quest of setting Lanka on fire, he found Lord Shani imprisoned in the palace’s basement, who was believed to be cursed by Brahma to remain in captivity until an incarnation of Shiva frees him. Hanuman released him from the captivity and requested him not to cause trouble for the devotees who worshipped him.
• Lord Hanuman once went to take a dip in the sea. According to legends, it was then that a giant fish consumed his sweat and thus his son Makardwaja was born.


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