Always keep the ‘goddess of wealth’ happier: goddess ‘Mahalaxmi’

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Located within the scenic beauty of Maharashtra, a visit to Mahalaxmi Temple is truly a bliss. The temple witness a whole bunch of devotees because of the presence of Tridevi i.e; Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Kali and Goddess Saraswati, making convenient for them to get the blessings of all the above Goddesses at a single stop.

She is known as the ‘Goddess of Wealth’. It was believed that the chief engineer, who was made responsible for building a connection between Malabar Hill and Worli, dreamt of Goddess Mahalaxmi and she asked him to build a temple and place in it the idols of Tridevi, which is located at the bottom of the ocean. And thereafter, the Mahalaxmi Temple got built on Breach Candy which linked Worli and Malabar Hill.


Along with getting various benefits by visiting Mahalaxmi Temple, devotees also get delicious Mahalaxmi Prasadam. Especially, people visits during the days of Navratri to offer flower and fruits to the holy shrine and in return they get the Mahalaxmi Temple Prasadam that includes Laddu, Vibhuti with Idol of Ma Laxmi and beautiful photo of Goddess Mahalaxmi with yantra.


The statue of Goddess Laxmi is shown riding a tiger and a demon (Mahishasur), with gold bangles, nose rings and pearl necklaces, is built in such a manner that makes a devotee go stunned and mesmerized. With the advancement in the technology, people now can seek the blessings from Ma Laxmi by sitting at their home through Online Mahalaxmi Temple Prasad and let the auspicious bells ring at your doorsteps.


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