Goddess with no head: Maa Chinnamasta

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Chinnamasta Temple fascinates general public as its main deity, Goddess Chinnamasta is seen without head standing on the body of Lord Kamdev, the God of Love and Goddess Rati. The blood that comes out from Her neck is drunk by Her amputated head and by the two disciples. Found in Ramgarh region of Jharkhand, the Chinnamasta Temple is popular for its ‘Dus Mahavidya Ma Chinnamastika Puja’, which eliminates the evil effects of Rahu Dosh and results in the increase of knowledge, victory, satisfaction, health and wealth.


People also visits to mitigate period of Rahu, Matibhrama Yoga (misguided or deluded thinking), getting married, shaving head or mundane and for tantric accomplishments. The Sanskrit word ‘Chinnamasta’ means for the one whose head is cut off. To quench the thrust of Her Sah yoginis, Jaya and Vijaya, Ma Bhagwati cut off her particular head and later came to be known as Ma Chinnamasta.

Emphasizing on the spiritual energy, Chinnamasta Prasadam transfers the concepts like self-sacrifice to Her devotees. Chinnamasta Tempe Prasadam includes sacred Vibhuti, Prasad and photo. Celebrating on new moon nights, Chinnamasta puja transcends the joy of losing the body not the pain.


Online Chinnamasta Temple Prasad is available for Ma Chinnamasta devotees in order to protect them with debt and poverty, childlessness, a social, financial and physical instance of fortune and akaal mrityu, by sitting at their home.


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