High energy Carnelian Mala

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Carnelian is an orange mineral rock, was known as the setting sun by the ancient Egyptians & was revered by the noble men and women. This is believed to be the oldest gemstone traded worldwide for the purpose of jewellery and commerce. The Mala comes in two bead sizes 8MM and 6MM. To ensure product quality and price people prefer to Buy Online Carnelian Mala, thus increasing the dependency upon the portals.


Carnelian mala helps in eliminating the negative energy, blood disorders, physical wounds, sexual disorders and stop bleeding. It also promotes fertility, metabolism and reduce impotency. All these benefits motivate and encourage a Carnelian Mala/individual to buy it and get blessed.


Apart from the above described 2 sizes, various portals also provide Carnelian Mala in 7 and 8 sizes. The stone is associated with the second chakra to evoke passion and self esteem, Carnelian Mala Online availability makes it easy for the customers to buy and get it at their doorstep.


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