Black hakik mala

Live a Courageous and Successful life through a Black Hakik Mala

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Black Hakik, also known as Agate is mainly used to diminish black magic, evil eye and tantric effects. Black Hakik is a waxy, soft and banded gemstone. It helps in removing the bad planetary effects if worn according to the colour of one’s planet.



Black Hakik Mala is usually present online because of its non-availability in the market. Moreover, the online product assures purity and pocket-friendly price. By reciting Black Hakik Mala Mantra, a person can gain additional benefits along with the usual advantages. It is said to bring good fortune to the wearer and create alertness.

There are various sorts of Black Hakik Mala depending upon the price, quality, weight, energizing and numerous other factors. People often confuse with How To Use Black Hakik Mala.  It can be used either for japa or for worshipping. The mala is generally used by the people who want to gain positive energy, strength, courage, financial growth and to remove negativity, bad luck, gynecological problems, the bad influence of planet Saturn and so on.


The Price Of Black Hakik Mala is very reasonable. It lies between 300- 2000/-. It varies on the grounds of portals, sizes etc. The mala consists of 108+1 beads. It helps in cleansing of body, spirit and soul, thus enhancing the spiritual values by leading to a path of a healthy environment.