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A Major Part of Holi: Holika Pooja Importance of Holi

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The most awaited festival of India i.e. Holi is all set to come and moreover, the people are also filled with fervor and excitement.

The Significance of Holi varies from socio-cultural to religious and biological aspect. There exist various stories related to the Holi describing numerous legends. The moral of all the stories states the power of truth and triumph of good over evil. Through Holika Dahan, Holi provides an opportunity to cast away all the sorrows and evilness. It encourages people to learn the importance of brotherhood and secularity in society.


The Holi Dates 2017 will fall on 13th March. It is the time when not only Hindus but also non-Hindus come along and celebrate this colorful and joyous festival by breaking all the socio-cultural barriers. As Holi marks the beginning of spring, thus people waits for the sake of good harvest.

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Holi remains incomplete without Holika Pujan during Holika Dahan. The Holika Pujan Vidhi involves:
1. The Pooja thali is taken along with all the essentials to the Pooja spot and Lord Vishnu’s mantra is chanted.
2. Then, Lord Ganesha is being prayed along with His mantra by keeping some rice, roli and flower in the right hand.
3. This is followed by the preaching of Goddess Ambika, Lord Narasimha and devotee Prahlad.
4. The Pooja thali items are thrown into the Holika. People make their wish. Some individuals also take a piece of fire to their home from Holika, considering it as sacred.