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Rudra Pooja Mantra also plays a Major role during Shivratri

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Shivratri is believed to be the night when Lord Shiva performed Tandava, the dance symbolizing creation, preservation and destruction.

The most important ritual while worshipping Lord Shiva is Rudrabhishek. Rudrabhishek For Shivratri Pooja involves Ganesh-Laxmi Pooja in the morning followed by the glorification of the Lingam with holy water, ghee, curd, honey, ghee, milk, sugar and other such materials. People offer Belpatra, Dhatura, Lotus flower and Bilwa leaves to the deity. At the end, various mantras and aartis are performed, especially the Vedic mantra called Rudra Suktha.


Rudra Pooja Mantra Benefits encourage an individual to recite the same and bestow upon themselves the blessings of Shiva. The most popular mantra is ‘Maha Mrityunjay’ which is considered very auspicious. It’s chanting helps in the removal of negativity and agony and entrance of positivity and harmony.

‘Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Suganghim Pushtivardhanam Urvaarukmiva BandhanaanMrityor Mokshiya Mamritaat’


The worshipping of Shiva or Supreme Being is done by all the four sects of the society i.e. Brahmins for moksha, Kshatriyas for bravery and strength, Vaishyas for wealth and profits and Shudras for bread and butter. How To Do Rudra Pooja At Shivratri? It is initiated with the bath of a Lingam by milk, ganga jal, honey, curd etc. Then devotees apply holy ash on His forehead and chant mantras to show their respect, gratitude and love.


13 Mukhi Rudraksha: A Rare and Precious Rudraksha

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Considered a very rare rudraksha, 13-mukhi bestows charm, prosperity, worldly comforts and spiritual upliftment to the wearer.

13 Mukhi Indonesian Rudraksha represents Lord Indra and Lord Kaamdev. It helps in curing various diseases like thyroid, problems related to kidneys, sexuality, throat, neck, reproductive organs and any psychiatric disorders. Generally, the size of 13-mukhi rudraksha beads lies between 12mm to 14mm approx. The rudraksha helps in building up patience level and controlling the anger of an individual.


The ruling planet of Thirteen Mukhi Rudraksha is Venus. The researchers of medical science have shown new ways of success by wearing this rudraksha. It is recommended that anyone who desires knowledge, debating powers and good speaking skills should wear 13-mukhi. It creates a shield around a person and thus protects from any obstacle or fear of failure.


Because of the various benefits 13-mukhi uphold, it is available both offline and online. But to be sure of product quality and reasonable price, customers Buy 13 Mukhi Rudraksha Online and thus creating huge dependency upon the portals. The individual wearing it emerges victorious in challenging situations. A 13-mukhi rudraksha proves helpful in attainment of spiritual and material life, successfully.

Get to Know About Benefits and Importance of Rudraksha

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Rudraksha has some or the other significance in one’s life. Rudraksha beads are considered timeless jewels whose purity and spark doesn’t wash off easily, as described by Upanishads and Puranas. Rudraksha leads a person to the path of self-realisation. There are various Benefits of Rudraksha like:
1. It ensures good health and respect by all
2. It holds high importance in Tantrism and Spiritualism
3. It has got medical effectiveness and spiritual effects
4. It removes Gruha Dosha, Vasthu Dosha and Nara Dosha
5. It enhances money growth, intelligence, intuition and physical, mental and emotional level
6. 3-Mukhi Rudraksha removes depression, regulates menstrual cycle and blood pressure
7. 8-Mukhi Rudraksha removes Sarpa Dosha
8. 10-Mukhi Rudraksha removes complexes and creates a feeling of security
9. 13-Mukhi Rudraksha ensures victory in every challenging situation etc.


Suggested, scientifically as well as by many spiritual gurus that wearing rudraksha helps in destroying sins and allow positive energy to enter the body and eliminate the negative energy. Among numerous Importance of Rudraksha few of them are:
1. Without it, Shiva’s Pooja remains incomplete
2. Faceless rudraksha is most powerful
3. After siddhi, it cleans the impurities of the body
4. It helps for longevity and avoids unexpected death
5. 5-Mukhi Rudraksha helps in overcoming the dosha of five elements
6. It increases creativity of the mind etc.


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